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Theatre 7 - The Marketing Summit

Wednesday 15th May

Thursday 16th May


11.00 - 11.30

Kam Dovedi

Create Your Property Business

Would you like to create a business that everyone on the Times Rich List has in common? Would you like to know how you can generate continuous revenue regardless of the market conditions? Would you like to know how you can start a business with minimal funds or grow your cash pot in the fastest possible way? Then this seminar is perfect for you. In this seminar one of the UK’s leading business and property experts Kam Dovedi will be sharing with you why property is an asset class you must be investing in to create a safe, secure and sustainable income. Kam Dovedi will share with you tried and tested systems he has used to build up his own multimillion pound property business, and how you can do exactly the same to create profits and income that will allow you to lead the life of your choice. This seminar will also answer one of the most important questions being asked right now by many new investors, which is: “How do I start correctly in business and succeed?” Kam Dovedi will be showing you real life case studies of different strategies he has implemented within his property business, with their disadvantages and advantages, so you can decide which strategy is best for you, according to how much time (or no time), money (or no money) and experience (or no experience) you have. This content filled seminar will leave you feeling more confident, clear, and relaxed about starting your property business.


11.45 - 12.15

John Clark

Unlocking efficiency, consistency & profitability for your whole business

Traditionally, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was a tool used only by the Sales department. Now, with advances in technology, and the need for businesses to share information across all departments, siloed “CRM for Sales” systems are being replaced by Business Application platforms from the likes of Microsoft and Salesforce. Join this seminar to learn how a modern Business Application can drive efficiency, consistency and profitability across your entire business.


12.30 - 13.00

Ifty Nasir

Founders! Don’t give anyone shares before hearing this talk!

Sharing equity (shares or options) with co-founders, directors and employees has become the norm among progressive companies. But which scheme is the most cost-effective (and tax-efficient) for you and your shareholders? How can you minimise the risks to your business? What will it cost, in the long run? Vestd CEO Ifty Nasir has all the answers you need and plenty of practical takeaways, to help you choose the right path.


13.15 - 13.45

Helen Fisher

Improving People Skills in your Organisation – Tips and Traps

For organisations whose people’s technical skills exceeds their people skills. Using practical tips and research from business psychology, find out how to design and deliver training and development that actually works, that lasts, and that can demonstrate measurable impact and return on investment.


14.00 - 14.30

Charlotte Whiteley & James Wilson

Top Tax Tips for your Business

FLM Wealth Management will be presenting top tax tips for business owners, an ideal opportunity for you to find out what options business owners have to utilise the company structure to operate a more tax efficient business. This seminar will cover topics including safeguarding the assets of the business, profit extraction and personal investments using the corporate structure. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A at the end.


14.45 - 15.15

Matthew Snape

Accounting Technology & The Future Of Digital Taxation

Matt’s seminar will focus on the future of digital taxation and, more broadly, the opportunities that accounting technology provides. He’ll discuss what tools are available today, and the advantages they can bring, as well as where we as a company see the future in terms of software, automation and speed of service. Matt will also touch on payroll, Making Tax Digital, and the benefits of cloud-based accounting.


15.30 - 16.00

Chris Sargent & Adam Bouqdib

Democratizing Institutional & High-Net-Worth Investments

Using next generation technology, investment, fund and wealth management companies have an opportunity to take the lead in the market for new and alternative investors. Enabled by blockchain, fractional ownership, peer-to-peer marketplaces and automated payment distribution can allow large-scale, consumer participation whilst maintaining or improving cost-to-income ratios. Technology has given us the power to make investments, traditionally reserved for high-net-worth individuals and institutions, accessible to everyone.


16.15 - 16.45

Maarten Bessems

Mastering Errors in Excel: Keep the Roses, Avoid the Thorns

Cloud accounting and finance apps were supposed to replace Excel because they were designed to reduce the risk of errors. Years later, Excel is going stronger than ever because it is so flexible and powerful. Yet the thorny prick of a hard-coding error has been felt by every financial. How do you work with Excel safely? - Get a model use case for using Excel that dramatically reduces the likelihood of error - Find out how to find and remove the thorns (errors) - Checking spreadsheets goes much further than simple built-in cross-checking methods. Learn which tool is out there to provide Excel users with the right methods to audit and build Error-Free spreadsheets.