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Keynote 2 - Sponsored by SS1 Creative

Wednesday 15th May

Thursday 16th May


10.15 - 10.45

Joseph Valente

Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, the mind can achieve.

The seminar will cover how business owners’ self-beliefs can limit them from scaling their business and how that prevents their business from achieving its full potential in the marketplace. Joseph will use his own experiences to show what’s possible if you believe in yourself and your business mixed with the right strategy and mentorship supported with a mastermind for growth. Having scaled from a one-man band to a company that employs 150 people nationally driven by a multimillion-pound turnover in just a few short years if you’re interested in growing/Scaling your business this is the talk for you.


11.00 - 11.30

Ian Dickson

20 Game Changing Business tips in just 30 minutes

Brand new content taken directly from Ian’s highly successful SELL OUT tour (The BIG100), where he shares 100 business growth tips in just one day. We have him for just 30 minutes, so with one tip every 90 seconds we highly recommend you bring an open mind and a fast writing pen for this keynote, these business growth strategies, tips and ideas will be coming at you thick and fast.


11.45 - 12.15

Ben Waters

Discover how to attract the clients you ACTUALLY want, fast.

Grow your business quickly and easily. Bet you’ve heard that a few times, right? There’s a lot of empty promises out there, and I can’t give you everything in just a short talk, but I can show you where to start, so that your marketing works better, easier, faster. I can show you the steps to attracting the clients you REALLY want, and more importantly – keep them coming back for more.


12.30 - 13.00

Ben Law

How to get more customers on a shoe-string budget

Today, marketing and digital go hand in hand. The rise of social media, email and search engine visibility has become integral to the success of businesses. However, knowing which channels to prioritise and how to market your business effectively can be difficult. Ben Law - Senior Director at 123 Reg, the UK’s largest domain registrar - will share useful ways to promote your business in the online world, whatever your budget.


13.15 - 13.45

Alex Partridge

From Zero to 40 Million Followers.

Alex opens up about how he grew two of the largest social media brands in the world with zero starting capital. He explains the various growth hacks he used to ensure the dreaded algorithm worked to his advantage.


14.00 - 14.30

Alison Edgar

Develop culture change and improve performance with intrapreneurship

Join Alison as she delivers a thought-provoking session looking at: What would I do I it was my first day? A deep dive into growth mindset and positivity. What would I do if it was my Granny? An overview of DISC behaviour techniques and how to use them to exceed customer expectations. What would I do if it was my business? Discovering the impacts of costs, sales/customer service, and time management to improve productivity and well-being. This session has been delivered to employees and senior leadership teams from some of the world’s best-known companies including Thomas Cook and The Discovery Channel.


14.45 - 15.15

Adam Minto

How to build a global business in five years

Thoughts on building a business in one of the toughest global industries. Advice on how to disrupt, differentiate, build a team, keep the momentum and passion going.


15.30 - 16.00

Sabrina Stocker

Mindset Matters in Business

On the journey of becoming an ''entrepreneur'' you are constantly on a rollercoaster. You have days where everything is going amazing well, and others where you want to hide under a rock. If you want to be different, and challenge the social norm, you have to be resilient. Your company is about you, and the culture reflects your persona and energy. If you want success, you are the only person who can make that happen. Join me to hear my top strategies on how to reflect your best self to grow your business.


16.15 - 16.45

Nick Coleman

Yep, this is a talk about pork scratchings

Innovation can happen in the simplest of ways and instead of competing in a crowded market, you can expand into other categories if you’re willing to think a little differently.