Saasha Celestial-One

Saasha Celestial-One is Co-Founder & COO of OLIO, a free app harnessing the power of mobile technology and the sharing economy to provide a revolutionary solution to the problem of food waste, which is the 3rd largest contributor to the climate crisis. OLIO is growing quickly, empowered by 50k+ volunteers. Since 2016, 2.5m users have successfully shared over 5m portions of food in 52 countries. Before OLIO, Saasha founded London’s first pay-as-you-go high street childcare provider, and prior to that she spent 13yrs at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey & American Express. Saasha was named one of the UK’s “Coolest Female Founders” by Business Insider, has an MBA from Stanford, is mum to 7-year-old Nolan, and is the proud daughter of hippy entrepreneurs ??

The OLIO Growth Story: Leveraging the Power of Community

Saasha will discuss how they grew OLIO from a small niche food sharing network in North London to a global success, with more than 2.5 million users fuelled by 50,000 volunteers. Expect practical insights and tips you can use to leverage the power of community within your own startup or organisation.


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