Oliver Cookson

Oliver Cookson (41) is a UK entrepreneur who established the sports nutrition business MYPROTEIN®.

Growing up in Manchester, Oliver left school aged 16 with one GCSE. Two decades later, he has been named the UK’s number one self-made millionaire under 40 with a net worth of £306m (Sunday Times Rich List 2019).

After leaving school, Oliver began, and swiftly departed, roles as a paperboy and in takeaway restaurants, before starting a modern apprenticeship in IT. He then quickly progressed to become a self-taught contract website developer or major global organisations.

In 2004, and growing tired of the day-to-day, Oliver decided to capitalise on his love of fitness and nutrition and used a £500 overdraft to launch a sports supplement idea, which would lay the foundations for a multi-million-pound company.

As the driving force behind its inspirational and well documented growth, the bootstrapped MYPROTEIN went onto to become the number one sports nutrition brand in Europe, employing over 100 people in Manchester with financials of over £5m EBITDA.

The Myprotein® Founder interview. £500 to £58m Exit with 100% Equity in 7 Years. Fully Bootstrapped.

An unmissable and exclusive interview with Oliver Cookson, founder of Myprotein. Oliver will discuss how he single-handedly grew a multi-million pound brand with just £500 from his bedroom, turning Myprotein into the fastest growing and number one Sports Nutrition brand. Find out about his early life, how he spotted the opportunity, what measures he took to manage the growth, the share sale and life after Myprotein, and take the opportunity to learn more about his success in an interactive, open Q&A session.


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