Lee-Ann Johnstone

Lee-Ann Johnstone is an award-winning digital marketing and affiliate Marketing consultant. With over two decades of experience gained in online marketing she’s worked strategically with a number of the UK’s top retail, finance and iGaming brands (Sky, The AA, Orange Mobile, The Sun Bingo and more) to create strategic affiliate marketing programs that drive incremental sales on a global scale.

She is an international speaker, writer, trainer and Digital & Affiliate marketing business mentor (Virgin Start Up) and specialises in helping SME’s, Entrepreneurs, and Global Brands harness the power of affiliate marketing strategically - as part of their overall digital marketing mix.

Lee-Ann is passionate about affiliate marketing and hosts her own training academy to help teach the next generation of digital marketers the strategy that sits behind successful affiliate marketing for corporate brands.

Affiliate Marketing: how to engage more customers with less paid budgets

Affiliate Marketing is growing in popularity with 83% of marketers now using it to drive over 40% of their online sales. In this workshop you’ll get a practical guide on how affiliate marketing works for SME’s. You’ll learn how affiliates can be leveraged to scale your brand reach, how to price and market your program to acquire quality new customers and increase online sales using Affiliate Marketing.

You will learn proven digital marketing and sales tactics that will help you engage more affiliates to your program which in turn increases your customer sales.

This workshop will show you how to make affiliate marketing work for your business and your budget - to create more profit. You will leave knowing how to use affiliate marketing to reach more customers and online increase sales.


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