Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is the Founder & CEO of Invigorate, an online platform that accelerates the success of ambitious, scaling businesses. Formerly a Strategy and Corporate Innovation Consultant who has worked for the likes of Gartner and Oliver Wyman, Lauren has advised some of the world's largest organisations on their strategic business and innovation goals.

Recently named a DigitalLeaders100 Young Digital Leaders of the Year finalist, and one of the Top 100 Women in Tech by WeareTechWomen, Lauren founded Invigorate in 2019. Since then, Invigorate's experienced advisors have helped businesses win customers, secure investment and save months of wasted time, effort and cost.

An engineering graduate from Cambridge University and Management Today's Top 35 Women U35, Lauren is an active angel investor herself, with a portfolio including Seedrs, Monzo and Nutmeg. She is also a keen advocate of diversity in the investment and startup space, a strong supporter of women in STEM, and plays an active role on the advancement of youth including an advisory board role for The Youth Group.

Growth vs Innovation - the Scaleup Business Conundrum

Growing businesses are naturally laser focused on growth, as many ambitious scaleups will attest to! But oftentimes, true customer loyalty and substantial market penetration come from innovation.

So how do businesses balance these two demands?

Can they even co-exist?

And how do you build teams to deliver against them?

In this session, we'll take a look at the growing businesses who have cracked this growth vs innovation puzzle, and discuss the critical success factors they all have in common - namely, the processes and people they've put in place to achieve success.


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