Ketan Makwana

Business strategist and all-round disruptor Ketan Makwana has been working on business growth, strategic management and talent development for over 20 years. Ketan has extensive expertise in Tech, Electronics and Healthcare, with a passion for people and processes Ketan has worked across all business levels within enterprise eco-systems including economic policy advisory to governments and ministries across the globe. As CEO of Enterprise Lab, Ketan is the visionary behind the company’s mission to develop better people and better businesses for better economic outcomes. Ketan is also an energising and inspirational international speaker on the subjects of mindset, growth, innovation and the power of disruption; he has engaged audiences across 5 continents and 42 cities.

Survive, Revive & Thrive: Strategies for Business Growth

In this seminar we will look how the key strategies that business owners need to adopt for business continuation and growth post COVID-19.