Jill Pringle

Jill Pringle is a brand marketing consultant, published author and classically-trained singer. Jill has been Marketing Director in large organisations like Gartner, Equifax & Thomson Local and CMO in smaller commercial and arts organisations. She has been building value propositions and leading marketing teams to deliver them for over 20 years. She has a Masters in Marketing, a Music Degree and has sung in award-winning choirs since the age of 12. Today Jill combines her marketing and musical skills to help MDs/CEOs and their marketers in smaller service businesses to write, orchestrate and conduct their marketing strategies. She uses a trademarked method outlined in her book The Brand Symphony.

Is your brand in tune? Write a clear value proposition before you scale your business.

Your brand is a performance that people contribute to day-in, day-out. Your value proposition should be a number 1 hit – the song your team love to sing and your audience want to hear. Yet all too often organisations take to the stage and sing ten tunes at once. They create brand-dissonance then wonder why no one can understand what they do! In this session, marketer and musician Jill Pringle shares the most common brand mistakes smaller businesses make and gives her strategies and tips for that chart-topping value proposition that gives you the clarity, confidence and cashflow to scale your business.