Hakan Candaner

Hakan Candaner is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Networklife Group International located in London HQ, UK and Istanbul, Turkey. He is a member of the IoD, TBCCI and E2Exchange Ambassador. Hakan is the head of Networklife Group’s specialist cyber security division and Board level of Advisor to customers with over 20 years of broad technical knowledge and experience in the IT Management and Security & Cloud Solutions environments.

Make security integral to your business

It’s a scary world out there and whilst technology brings opportunities that also means there are new security challenges we face.

The dangers are everywhere: stolen identities, systems held to ransom, phishing scams – the list is almost endless. Therefore it definitely pays to be aware and know what you’re facing, that way you can be prepared and on the front foot.

• Why firms should increase their cyber security procedures
• The types of attacks that are occurring
• How high volumes of remote access can be managed
• How to train your staff to remain cyber-vigilant
• How IT departments should adapt to new ways of working
• How to work from home securely?