Des Pheby

20 years in business with a background in accountancy, I set my journey into a sector I knew nothing about and then pivoted into franchising with nothing more than the desire to build a business that would provide some kind of lasting legacy .That business went from zero to 22 restaurants in the UK and now international. A lot of mistakes made along the way and a lot of lessons learnt have led me to become what I believe to be a disruptor in my sector and regarded as a leading light in bringing the industry to the mainstream and helping make the industry accessible but also recognised as a real option for aspiring entrepreneurs but also for the more experienced investor a real option for their portfolio of investments.

Franchising & Entrepreneurship

The word Franchise brings with it some misconceptions, I believe it has had a bad rap for years and been treated in the business sector very much as the poor relation, something you do if you don''t have any ideas yourself, or associated with McDonald''s and that is as far as franchising goes .
The reality is Franchising is a huge contributor to the economy and driving force for entrepreneurship but it needs to shout louder to the public and other business people on the benefits it can bring to individuals and to the wider business world.