David Comber

David started working in foreign exchange in 2007 and has successfully guided businesses and private clients through the risks associated with international payments. Throughout more than 12 years assisting thousands of clients with their transactions, he has always focused on establishing the best risk management solutions for their needs.

As a Senior FX Trader at Aston Currency Management, he is working with corporate and private individuals to help manage their foreign exchange exposures in these uncertain times. Aston have recently rolled out a new sophisticated foreign exchange platform, which David knows will give clients greater visibility than ever on their international exposures and payments.

Managing foreign exchange risk amid uncertainty.

During this seminar we will be exploring the ways in which businesses can protect themselves against the fluctuations of the largest financial market in the world, the foreign exchange market. With daily volumes of over $5 trillion, markets can swing wildly so having an appropriate strategy in place to reduce FX risk is key to financial stability.

We will look at examples of how clients can be impacted by market movements, then explain the different methods available to protect against, as well as benefit from, market volatility. Understanding your foreign exchange exposures is key, and Aston will also be showcasing their new software which allows businesses full visibility over their different currencies.