Dave Plunkett

Dave has an extensive background in business membership organisations, working in, running his own, and then supporting the sector. As part of this Dave has developed hundreds, if not thousands, of partnerships, reaching over ½ million small business owners. He’s worked with market leading brands, helping them connect their products and services to their target market. He’s also worked with other networks, small businesses, and individual professionals to help them grow their business whilst generating leads for, or enhancing the services provided by, his own organisations. Having both literally and metaphorically written the book on partnerships, Dave is now passionate about supporting ambitious business owners and sales directors to develop their own game-changing partnership programs, saving them time, avoiding the risk of wasted opportunity, and ultimately scaling up their businesses at a rate they only dreamed of previously.

Collaboraship – How to Use Partnerships to 10x Your Business

Want to scale up your business quickly? Now more than ever Partnerships and Collaborations are the way to do this.

They’ve been around for as long as business, yet very few businesses take a strategic approach.

Dave will share his partnership experience, successes and failures, to give you the 5 key ingredients in a game-changing partnership program, allowing you to become a force of nature in your market space.