Al Tepper

Al Tepper has been a disruptive marketer since 1998. Al has spent the 18 years since serving both the companies he worked for and their clients including The Guardian, Accenture, IBM, KPMG, Capgemini and many other larger and smaller organisations.

After exiting a brand successfully in 2015/2016 he set up TepFu and turned his disruptive approach into an art form and a systematic process. Al calls it ''Lazy Marketing'' with the goal of creating Conversation Mastery for his clients.

In his session Al will talk us through why marketing is broken and how to fix it. Vital and invaluable advice for anyone in business.

TepFu now provides marketing leadership coaching and consultancy helping business leaders close the marketing skill gap and build sustainable marketing strategies and teams without having to revert to expensive hires or outsourcing too early. Whether it is via their webinars, one-day masterclasses, 121 or group online mentoring, Marketing Leadership Masterminds or bespoke consultancy they help businesses become sustainable when it comes to their marketing leadership, strategy and execution.

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The Broken Heart of Marketing? And why Business Leaders can fix it