Abid Khan

Abid Khan, a dynamic portfolio entrepreneur, with interests in several businesses across several sectors.

In addition, Abid is a prominent figure in the UK business community, hosting his own monthly networking events working alongside Pathway2Grow, which he currently stands as National Director for. Pathway2Grow hosts various networking events throughout the UK, including Chutney and Chat, Samosa Saturday, Peer meetups and Coffee and Natter facilitating platforms for business owners to network, learn and grow. When around Abid, his passion for helping others is almost tangible but his successful business acumen is obvious. Currently, Abid is in talks with Birmingham universities to encourage students to work within his businesses to help build their work experience; his infectious enthusiasm and passion will do doubt inspire and educate any of those students who get involved.

From The Boxing Ring To The Board Room

Valuable lessons and principles learnt throughout a boxing career, which were then implemented into business creating a successful portfolio of businesses.


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