February Webinar Series

Our monthly webinar series is finally here! With the first in the series commencing on the 11th of February, the webinars are each given by incredibly talented industry professionals Gaia Ferreia and Lisa Dickson this month. The event is completely free of charge and will be a great opportunity to hear talented entrepreneurs speak from the comfort of your own home! 


Lisa Dickson of Caseron Cloud Accounting LTD is a chartered management accountant, profit strategist and Prince 2 Practitioner who completed her final MBA exam with an 8 week old baby to look after. Whilst busy prepping for the second baby, and looking after her husband who was unwell, Lisa forgot to defer the exam but passed first time.. Lisa’s webinar titled ‘The Entrepreneurs Profit Blueprint – 10 Steps to £10k Take Home’ focuses on your profit goals and how to achieve them.


Profit is the most important number in the business should unashamedly be the first priority. And it’s ok to want more of it … An extra £1k? £5k? Or £10k per month? What difference would it make to you, to your family if you could achieve your profit goal? As accountants we have helped many clients achieve their profit goals. From £10k monthly take home to a £1m annual dividend. 


We are all about making sure the hard work, time and effort you are investing into your business pays you back! You are the most important person in your business and your business should be set up to make sure you get paid first. It’s ok to want to make more profit, to take home more pay, to have more cash in the bank, to free up more time for yourself and to have more control over your financials so you can make more impact in the world! The Entrepreneurs Profit Blueprint is the first step toward the clarity you need for financial freedom and starts you on the journey of permanent profitability.


Gaia Ferreira of Titan I Am Coaching is an International mentor, author, and speaker having helped hundreds of high-achieving but under-fulfilled entrepreneurs build a legacy that fulfils their soul and live a life without regret by tapping into their Total Intelligence. Her webinar titled ‘Your Mind and Your Leadership’ features themes of how your thought process can impact your business transformation and strategy. 


Your success as a leader is greatly determined by how your mind has learned to think. If you own a business and find yourself still working for yourself (despite having a team to do much of the work for you), this talk will show you how your approach to thinking through a problem is affecting your ability to effectively lead yourself, your team and your business.

Your mind is where analysis and logic step in to dictate your decision-making, your problem solving and your critical thinking success.


This webinar will show you how to identify the unconscious patterns that show up when you must think through a process, create a process that will help think yourself to more success, and provide you with an immediate new approach to using your total intelligence so that you can become a more confident leader who knows how to increase your revenue, enjoy more free time and build a legacy that fulfils your soul.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain great advice free of charge on the 11th of February 2021! Click the link below to register.