2021 Business New Year Resolutions

The arrival of 2021 brings a new era of hope and regrowth for the business community. Among those hit hardest by the 2020 pandemic are SMEs and this year provides a great opportunity to nurture the small business community. 


One resolution made by many entrepreneurs is to work on the expansion of their enterprise. The government has funded a new initiative called ‘the Small Business Leadership Programme’ to support senior leaders to enhance the resilience and future growth of their businesses, in response to the impact of COVID-19’. The ten week programme is free to attend, made up of 90 minute webinars, and is delivered by a mixture of small business owners and enterprise experts from world leading business schools, to ensure you get the most out of the programme. Moreover, the programme is designed to fit alongside a full time work schedule meaning you don’t have to sacrifice valued work days. 


Similarly, other new year resolutions businesses may be looking to make are regular and consistent promotion of your organisation to ensure you are at the forefront of consumer minds and stay ahead of competitors. Though, this has proved challenging with the constant changing of Tiers in England, however, with the rise of interest in e-commerce and promotion through social media, businesses are able to effectively and safely reach a wider audience from the comfort of their own homes. 


The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also promised to offer grants up to £9,000 to help support businesses with a further £594 million is also being allocated to local authorities to ensure the economy and business enterprises are given the assistance they need. With 2021 only just beginning, the forthcoming 11 months proves to be an exciting and prosperous one for the business community. 


The 2021 Business Show provides substantial support and guidance to small businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business in the year ahead. 

Please visit https://smallbusinesscharter.org/small-business-leadership-programme/ to apply for the Small Business Leadership Programme.