How businesses are adapting and supporting the industry in the midst of a pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across Europe, we take a moment to reflect on the good businesses are doing to support industries, the strategies being implemented to adapt to new times, and the changes being made to alleviate pressure on individuals. 

Life as we know it has significantly changed to how things were a year ago. With coronavirus not going away anytime soon, many businesses have been forced to adapt in order to survive. We’ve seen an abundance of webinars and virtual events filling up our calendars, and a mix of endless zoom calls as staff continue to work remotely. 

One thing is for sure, digital innovation is not just a desire, it's become a fundamental asset to the rapid acceleration of such capabilities. Government schemes such as tax holidays, loans and grants have helped many SMEs stay afloat, providing valuable time to rethink digital strategies in order to pivot their offering. 

Sponsors of Europe’s largest Business Show, Dell Technologies, have helped to support many businesses during the pandemic with their involvement in The Business Show HelpHub initiative. Dell Technologies has provided a range of knowledge, advice and solutions to help businesses quickly adapt, from ‘hybrid cloud solutions’ to ‘managing remote working: teams, customers & pipeline’. Dell Technologies also have a selection of podcasts, blogs and services to help businesses swiftly adapt via their website

Award winning digital marketing agency, Sleeping Giant Media, has also been helping businesses with their digital adaptation by offering a number of free workshops, including the fundamentals of successfully running virtual presentations, and a range of marketing skill workshops aimed at both B2C and B2B audiences. During their ‘Do virtually better workshop’ you’ll learn how to gain a competitive edge and the basics of creating a stand out presentation (from nailing your pitch to thinking of your surroundings). 

Whilst the need to go digital is a priority for the majority of businesses, the rapid switch coupled with lockdown hasn’t come easy, taking its toll on people's wellbeing. The phrase ‘zoom fatigue’ has become a popular term amidst the home working lifestyle. One business helping with mental health and proactively adapting upon seeing the wave of lockdowns happening overseas is CLAN Wellbeing, a fitness company with a focus on mental health and exercise benefits. Emmanuel Olaojo, Founder of CLAN Wellbeing discusses the change needed to adapt below. 

“With CLAN Wellbeing’s focus on changing the narrative of mental health through everyday fitness, it became evident how during the lockdown people’s uncertainty and mental state was deteriorating. Before lockdown I started CLAN’s Work Rate 40. The sessions are 40 minutes long and designed by a team of degree specialists in sports and exercise science. The aim is to ensure that each class will push you to the best version of yourself regardless if you’re a beginner or at an elite level. We are here to create a dynamic, fun and enjoyable environment where you can enhance not only yourself physically but also mentally.

Since lockdown I was able to deliver the classes online via Zoom and the turnout was tremendous. Constant help and communication has been the key to help build a community that is there and caters to one another. The more I was attentive to the needs of the current situation the more I was able to connect more with individuals and help boost not only their confidence but relieve the stress from their everyday life and the current pandemic. It was initially hard for the business to run because it was run in person. However the classes have been held via Zoom and it has allowed us to connect regardless of where you are and you can be in your own comfort zone. It’s been an enlightening and rewarding experience.”

‘Going the extra mile’

One business helping clients by going the extra mile is Barclaycard. The government’s response strategy has meant banks have had to offer payment holidays and other support initiatives to help support businesses. Barclaycard has gone the extra mile to offer a Coronavirus support hub. Here you can view real life articles in relation to COVID finance implications, FAQs, and a whole host of post payment holiday support. Check out Barclaycard’s coronavirus support for customers here and the business support pages here, including free business promotion offers and ‘bounce back loans’!

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