Transformation is Here To Stay- By Tegeria

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is the constant navigating, understanding and adapting to the risks that the current geo-political climate poses. “This was evident from our interactions with the attendees of The Business Show. The Business Show was undoubtedly a great meeting ground to meet customers and prospects and understand their challenges. Interactions like these are important as they allow us insights to craft an actionable plan for potential clients,” says Diana Xhumari CEO of Tegeria.

The solution lies in Digital Transformation with an innovative approach. And for Diana, more than the innovation, its impact on people’s lives is what lies at the heart of Tegeria’s approach. 

Invited to speak at The Business Show, on the Dell sponsored theatre, Diana spoke about ‘Turning Problems into Opportunities’. She touched upon the challenges she faced while growing up in a nation rooted in instability. Never one to accept things for the way it was, Diana believed in learning from every situation and applying that learning to making a positive impact. A tenet she carried into her professional life, this lay the foundation for a successful and admirable company. 

 “At the Business Show we observed many companies on the lookout for disruptive mechanisms to forge ahead of the competition, improve their existing products and services and reach new customers. We at Tegeria, implement innovation and solve complex challenges, through outstanding digital solutions,” stated Diana.  

“New goals will require new tools, but it’s the attitude that makes them.”

For instance, a UK-based education company needed a clear view of and system for, their internal process. They wanted to make the most of their CRM which was restricted to being just a database. This company also had just one season in which they needed to achieve their sales target. Prior to going ahead with any implementation, Tegeria had to importantly address the mindset of sales professionals, who due to the lack of time, were immediately averse to any technological changes than the ones they were used to. 

So Tegeria first addressed the mindset, then streamlined the information architecture that consequently defined a clear sales pipeline, organised the disparate data and actions needed in each stage and introduced SLAs and KPIs. The outcome was enhanced productivity for the sales professionals that allowed them to exceed their sales record of the past 5 years in just one month.  

Tegeria, built on the principles of turning every challenge into an opportunity, has constantly adapted its services to the unique demands of different sectors. For instance, in the transportation/freight sector, for a company that dealt with the transportation of goods from China to America, Tegeria shortened the response time with enhanced performance from the operational and sales staff. The agents of this company conducted their deals in different stages based on the transport their clients needed. This process relied heavily on e-mail communication.  

Tegeria stepped in to ensure a smoother communication process between the company and the clients without involving the latter in technicalities. This new process strengthened the leads and opportunities and the automation of their RFQ and quoting process, including pricing calculations, enhanced the performance and left very little or no room for error.  

 “The constant push for innovation is what has taken us from our caves to the moon with reusable rockets”.

Whilst business leaders generally accept that Digital Transformation has a lot to offer, there still remains questions in the minds of many about what else it entails? How can it be implemented without disruption? Is the cost of innovation high? “The constant push for innovation is what has taken us from our caves to the moon with reusable rockets” highlighted Diana. An event like the Business Show serves as a valuable platform for companies like Tegeria to meet with businesses, listen, share thoughts and address these concerns. “From here we are always able to offer solutions and dispel any worries or misconceptions regarding the digital transformation journey,” says Diana.  

 Built on a platform of resilience and determination, committed to working with clients to help them to turn every challenge into an opportunity, Tegeria hand holds clients every step of the way, pre-empting and identifying features which clients will need in the future, whilst increasing both productivity and performance.  

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