Turning Persistence into Opportunities- By Tegeria

The current geopolitical climate poses an increasing threat to the global economy and navigating, understanding and adapting to these risks is a real and ever-changing challenge for businesses today. Diana Xhumari CEO of Tegeria is no stranger to these risks. Born into a nation routed in instability and facing personal challenges at every turn, Diana has constantly broken-down barriers and pushed boundaries to become a global CEO of both a successful and ethical business. Diana is delighted to have been invited to share her story at The Business Show and will be doing so on the Dell Sponsored Seminar Hall 6, on Day 2, November 28th, at 14:45pm.

Her story is a remarkable example of what can be achieved from humble beginnings. Dealing with the challenges that came with her upbringing, gender and nationality, rather than a deterrent, has been a source of motivation. Growing up and pursuing a career in a climate of economic and political instability, where women were not encouraged to pursue a career and even youthful ambition wasn’t celebrated, today, Diana is amongst the most respected technology consultant in her home country and an admired Mentor for many business startups and ambitious young people. Her company’s global client base continues to grow and includes micro startups to giant corporations, from all corners of the globe, each impressed by her refreshing approach to business and her talented and enthusiastic team. But her drive to innovate and constantly break barriers remains. Innovation and making a positive difference, Diana believes, are the biggest catalysts for growth. Combined with her personal experience of overcoming great challenge, this is where Diana can help businesses navigate and adapt to the many challenges they face today. Never allowing the limitations of an unstable socio-political system or her own personal experiences of challenge and adversity to deter her, Diana explains, “the road to success was not an easy one. It was a test for my perseverance. There were sacrifices made, difficult decisions to take and through the many ups and downs, wins and losses, I established something I am proud of.”

Today Tegeria epitomise a proud and passionate culture. Built on strong ethical principles Diana and her team, work alongside their clients, helping them to shape and achieve their ambitions. It is not volume and fast money which motivates, but the constant quest to overcome barriers to growth and to do good, both in and out of business. It is this approach and culture which have proven to achieve results for clients.

Technological advances have undoubtedly changed the business landscape and increased our ability to connect. However, as any business owner or leader knows, running a business can be a lonely job. Sharing a few thoughts on this, Diana said: “A platform like the Business Show which gives us a huge opportunity to network with over 20,000 business owners and decision makers, breaks down the silos and gives ambitious businesses not only the opportunity to meet with customers, but benefit from this platform to engage and develop relationships with other likeminded people, to learn from them and their experiences. With the challenge’s businesses face today, The Business Show is the ideal environment for learning, collaborating and sharing innovative ideas, all critical for survival in today's business world.”

Diana’s definition of success, however, is not limited to just the quality offerings of products and the rate of company expansion, but rather a commitment to the kind of future one builds and the lives which are changed for the better. Not satisfied with simply making profit and building a successful business, she set out to create a learning environment which would encourage and nurture young minds. With innovation, empowerment and sustainability at the heart of it all, Taleas Tech Academy was established in 2018. Since its inception, dozens of Taleas’ students who would have never otherwise had the opportunity to access a career in tech, have graduated and gone on to secure employment in the industry.

There is forever an emphasis on the importance of persistence, perseverance and community fortitude in every aspect of Diana’s approach and the culture she has successfully built. Consistency, passion, resilience, offering equal opportunities, building and nurturing communities, and constantly pushing boundaries, are the qualities she instills and inspires in everyone. A good business with a positive impact was her motto and with this in place, success was inevitable. This is how Diana sets out to make a difference.

Come and listen to CEO Diana Xhumari as she shares her story at The Business Show in the Dell Sponsored Seminar Hall 6, on Day 2, November 28th, at 14:45pm. The Tegeria team, will also be meeting with and chatting to businesses about their own challenges, at stand 640 across both days, and are inviting ambitious or aspiring leaders to share, learn and grow together. Drop by and say hello.