Prysm Media Group Statement Regarding The Business Show May 2019

We, The Prysm Media Group, would like to sincerely apologise to those who feel upset about certain garments worn by associates of exhibitors during the 2019 Business Show.

We would like to thank those who pointed this issue out as this is a great opportunity for us to better our business practices.

Prysm Media Group, the UK's fastest growing independent trade exhibition organiser, is delivering trade exhibitions across several UK and international locations. We advise all our exhibitors to adhere to business practices including business attire. 

The Prysm Media Group is proud to promote women. It was only in January this year that The Telegraph reported on how diversity can benefit businesses. Britain has 15% of its top companies with a woman at the helm, and The Business Show 2019 will boast a line up of incredible women who will all show why what The Telegraph reports is indeed true. 

Self-made successes such as Tara Howard, founder of the Venus Awards, inventor Helen Ross and Kavita Oberoi OBE, who now manages a multi-million pound business portfolio, were all leading keynote seminars at the Business Show in 2018,  providing but a mere glimpse into the thriving talent pool of women grafting in the industry currently. Savannah De Savary, who was part of the Top 30 Business Women To Watch In The UK list over at About Time Magazine in 2018, also lead a seminar of her own, cementing the fact that The Business Show is the place to be if you want a real glimpse at the modern business arena. 

Last year at RWM waste management exhibition we were called out for not having enough representation of women in the waste world. Beverly Simonson of the CIWM sent this tweet ( which was the catalyst for us to improve and develop RWM 2019 into a more inclusive event. We worked with Beverely in order to make this panel and evolve our events for the better. In 2019, Women in Waste panel debate will run over both days at RWM and will consist of six speakers and one chairperson - Beverley.

Beverley has been working closely with RWM in 2019 to create the Women in Waste panel debate and commented; “I’m really happy to support RWM in shaping the Women in Waste panel debate. Having worked in the industry for over 17 years, I’ve seen a large increase in women working in the sector but they’re so often under-represented at events like this. This panel will help showcase women in the industry, encourage companies to support diversity internally and hopefully encourage all attendees to look at diversity as a genuine opportunity, not just a tick-box exercise imposed on them by others.”

We will use the current incident at The Business Show as a similar opportunity.

17 May 2019, Bristol, UK

For more information, contact Agi Zabo, Press Relations Executive at Prysm Media at