Stress Management Made Easy!

Provided by Dr Annika


I want to introduce a winning morning routine to you.

Many successful people say they take about one hour reading, journaling and exercising before work to start their brain and body. But as a hardworking boss, manager, executive you seldom have that much time to spare.

I suggest a short version and I’ve used it for a long time myself and I find it’s easy to implement and it’s really keeping me going in a good way. It is free, easy and you have this tool inside of you.

Your contribution is to get out of bed 15 minutes before you usually do. You just set your alarm 15 minutes earlier.

When you wake up you sit up on the side of your bed. Start with stretching your arms above your head then roll your shoulders and continue down the rest of your body, down to your feet, for about three to four minutes until you have opened up your body. 

Next sit quietly and concentrate on the day ahead. You can close your eyes if it helps you visualise. Is there something extra important that you are going to do or is it just an ordinary day? 

Whatever it is coming up during your day I want you to think about what you are going to do in a good way. I want you to talk yourself through the situations in present time as if you are in the middle of doing it. For example: “I am having this meeting, it’s real, and we’re having a nice conversation. We talk about the positive things that I want to happen from that meeting and I can see we get a good result”. 

You can’t predict every situation but whatever you’re doing, think about it in present time and in a positive way with a good outcome. Also if there is something special you need to do that day that is hard you say “I am doing it with ease. It’s going to be very good”. And then after those few minutes of visualizing your day you say to yourself. “Today is a good day.”

And that’s it. 

That all maybe takes 10 of those 15 minutes. The rest of the minutes I want you to have as spare time because moving around takes time too and you don’t want to rush.  You can also use the extra minutes to have your breakfast in a relaxed way. Just a tiny bit slower or at least you won’t be running for the bus whilst eating or eating in the car. 

When you arrive at work you will be in a good mood because you have set a good mood inside your brain. It’s scientifically proven that if you think in a positive way things are going to be more positive. That doesn’t mean that there will be a perfect outcome every time because that’s not how it works, but the more positive good thoughts and good expectations you have the better it will be. 

This is my tip for today, you just take those extra 15 minutes and practice every day. You will feel happier and your business outcome will increase. You can do it at the weekends too and you’ll talk about what you’re going to do during the weekend. Making your private life better too.

To your success and keep smiling!

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