Stand Number: B1148

Genius in 21 Days

`Genius in 21 days` will teach you the most advanced learning techniques in the world. Using them, you`ll be able to improve your mental efficiency in every field: you will be able to study in half the time, keep a greater amount of professional information at your fingertips, learn as many foreign languages as you want, remember names and faces of people, and retain information for a longer period of time, even forever if you want to. At the Genius and 21 Days training you WILL learn the following techniques:

How to double your reading speed
How to lower your stress levels to optimise learning capacity
How to build Mind Maps for home, work and study
How to create a study method that WILL work
How to retain and recall information in seconds
How to remember and speak as many foreign languages as you want
How to manage your time and create more efficiency in your life
How to improve your presentation skills

You will also receive dedicated and long term mentoring to help apply your new techniques into your life!

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