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MindFit BodyFit

MindFit BodyFit brings wellbeing to life in your business.

MFBF has a two pronged approach:

1) MFBF Training introduces wellbeing as a subject and develops employees to think, act and behave with Purpose, Passion, Positivity and Potential. Example products range from simply engaging with an active mindfulness and meditation session to coaching performance workshops.

2) MFBF Partnership Network means:-
a)Your business has easy access to consultants who can professionally draw up a wellbeing policy to spark a wellbeing culture change.
b) Through access to Management Training workshops, people managing skills are developed to bring creativity, empathy and compassion into your business and enable wellbeing conversations to take place.

MFBF believes wellbeing needs to take centre stage with space given to raise understanding of the benefits of discussing this important topic and shape it into something that is holistic, sustainable and deliverable in the working environment wherever that maybe.

MFBF believes it's time to give it time. Do you?

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