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Total Health Now Clinic

At Total Health Now, we strongly believe in the value of holistic health. From our own experiences and health improvements, through to our work with hundreds of clients, we have seen the undeniable results. Our vast number of google reviews speak for themselves; from weight loss to improved energy, better sleeping to reconciled symptoms - the Total Health Now Clinic treatments are hugely popular.

You don`t need to have a `problem` to visit our clinic. We believe strongly in preventative health care. Just as we MOT our car once a year, we should also make checking our health a priority too. You`ll be surprised at the difference it can make. Many of our clients leave us with answers to ailments that they didn`t even realise were affecting their lives. The transformations are genuinely surprising, even to us after more than a decade of working in this way.

We offer a 20 minutes complimentary phone health consultation as a first step before any further recommendations. You can book yours over the phone by calling 020 7293 0440 or book it online by visiting

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