Stand Number: B638


A Lender Run By Business People. No Rigid Bank Rules.

Cubefunder is built on the belief that a lender should ensure its loans fit the borrower, not try and shoe-horn its customers into a set of rigid rules invented in a bank boardroom. Our product is technology-based but always supported by a team of real people with real business experience that can help ensure the finance you receive is straight-forward, structured simply and zero hassle when it comes to making repayments.

Our platform makes it easy to provide the information we require to offer finance. Crucially, we can provide you with finance based on information about your business that in nearly all cases will be readily available to you and very little hassle to prepare. As a result, there is no need to spend weeks preparing complicated cashflows and business plans in the hope that they make you `fit the box`.

As any successful business owner will tell you, often the key to success is being able to seize opportunity when it arises. In today`s increasingly fast-paced business environment, this means when small businesses require access to funding they need it fast. This is why at Cubefunder we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the fastest possible service. Our application is simple and fast, the information we require is easy to share, our technology automatically creates tailored repayment plans and our approval process is managed within 24 hours once these steps are complete.

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