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Property Master Academy Ltd

Mark Lloyd is a business investor, successful entrepreneur, international speaker and professional property investor/developer. Co-owner of Property Master Academy and Managing Director of Max Property Group PLC.

Over the past 30 years Mark has started a number of companies and exited them successfully. 15 years ago he entered the world of property investing and decided to treat it like any other business. 15 years on, he has completed on over 500 deals, has a multi-million £ property portfolio covering residential property, commercial property and land. Most of this has been done without using any of his own money.

Jackie Reeves, co-owner has spent most of her business life working with Mark and the past few years with Peter. She is a successful entrepreneur and professional property investor. She is also a key mentor in PMA's award winning Mentorship Programme.

Peter Licourinos, co-owner also has a long history in the industry and a wide range of knowledge and experiences in a number of trending strategies that spans over 20 years. Peter's real passion is two fold, people & property. So the two blend perfectly together in one of his roles as a property mentor.

Over the past 4 years Mark Lloyd, Jackie Reeves and Peter Licourinos have successfully taught several other investors how to achieve the success they have and their mission now is to help as many others as they can to understand how they can achieve financial freedom through property and never have to work again but instead can do so out of choice.

Together, the three cover all areas of property and all areas of personality to ensure they are getting the very best out of each of their clients.

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