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Livesilver Consulting

Independent consultancy for cyber security litigation and financial technology analysis, eDiscovery (US), eDisclosure (UK), GDPR automation, software & web development automation and consulting.
Integrating cyber, computing, data analytics and science, SQE to automate legal technology solutions such as predictive justice, automated and online courts, eDiscovery (US), eDisclosure (UK) and automated blockchain contracts.
Relativity Certified, NUIX, EnCase, Brainspace, Sightline, DISCO, OneTrust & CEDS (Pending - April 2021)
Certified Ethical Hackers accredited by GCHQ (Pending - April 2021)
Providing consulting work to help organisations and governments automate solutions to overcome profit damage, sustainability issues and financial loss from COVID-19. Automating solutions for preparing for a new era of medical intervention distribution on a large global scale, recovery, sustainability, economic growth and eventually high-frequency innovation and prosperity. Our objective is to protect assets and people from threats to their well-being.
Currently based in London but remote working available in and around London, Chicago, New York, Tel Aviv and Dubai for any business enquiries.
We are an equal opportunities organisation, operating inline with the government of the UK's disability confident scheme and the US EEO/Affirmative Action.

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