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Silk Helix Ltd

Silk Helix are experts in HR and employment law, specialising in supporting small business. We keep on top of the law so you don`t have to.

We know that employing people can be a headache, it`s hard to know what you can do and what documentation you need.

Business leaders constantly tell us that people are their biggest headache. At the same time, those people are their biggest opportunity.

Imagine what you could achieve if you didn't have to worry about things like dismissing poor performers (and not being taken to tribunal) or compliance with ever changing employment law?

Our founder, Jenefer Livings, set up Silk Helix because she is passionate about meeting the needs of business, whilst also treating people right and complying with the law. At Silk Helix we get to know and understand your business, ensuring our advice is always designed to fit your culture.

Our services range from a one off bit of advice just to get you through a particularly tricky situation to a fully outsourced HR department.

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