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Mindblox - Your Voice is your Power

Your Voice is your Power, without Vision, originality, influence, confidence and excellence how can any business leader achieve their ultimate goals.

Tess Day has a background in multiple business genres, marketing and sales and leading teams, in 2006 she decided to step into the Coaching arena to help others achieve their goals.

Originally from Cape Town in South Africa, Tess spent 3 years in London before moving up to Aberdeen where she has built her exclusive online global coaching business.

She is...

* An active networker
* Team player
* A huge fan of Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins and Kerwin Rae.
* An avid reader of all books related to excellent business practise, personal development & people psychology.
* Is it possible to expect that Tess will have her own book published in the near future.
* We'll keep you informed as soon as we know.

Through the challenges that presented every human being on the planet in 2020, Tess and her team decided that they wanted to bring a program of empowerment to more people, so the 1 March 2021 saw the launch of her membership coaching program, to the wider community.

As events unfold on the road to the show we will be updating this page with new information...

This might look like...books, podcasts and little introductions from the team.

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