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Headsail Business Coaching Ltd.

I am Hazel Cole of Headsail Business Coaching - a personal coach for business owners, coaching the people and not the business.
I am highly skilled at helping my clients uncover what they really want and implementing the step-by-step strategy to get there.
Working with business owners, I know that it is impossible to seperate the owner from the business! There are so many moving parts when running your business that it can often feel like it's at odds with the rest of your life. Working together we will ensure that it's aligned with your life as a whole.

So whether you feel

- like you can't unravel the "spaghetti ball" of thoughts in your head
- overwhelmed and can't decide what to focus on
- Stuck in a rut
-Dissatisfied, as the life you envisioned when you started your business, is not what you are living
- You have fallen out of love with your business.

....I can help.

With 1-1 coaching tailored to your needs, group coaching packages and clarity calls there is something to fit what you need right now.

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