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Women in Trade Magazine

`I created the first issue on a very old laptop with barely enough memory to save a basic Word document, with a redundancy letter hanging over me and 3 pence in my pocket`

Janet Kirlew, journalist and entrepreneur founded Women in Trade Magazine after moving to a new area and wanting to find women to dress her windows, plumb in her washing machine and do some electrical work. She knew a few outstanding tradesmen, but the feminine approach was more appealing. She started to wonder where these women were and how she could hire them. After a fruitless search, she knew that she had to something about this and this is when Women in Trade magazine was born, the UK`s only publication focusing on women in trades across all industries.

`I was often asked `why trade`? Well, I wanted to help women get over the feeling that to be in trade they must look and behave in a certain way. Women in Trade has changed the face of women in trade! It`s no longer all about hard hats and hi-vis vests. We cover a huge range: from cheese making to interior design, calligraphy to cobbling, plumbing to virtual PA services.`

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