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Itsettled, automated Collections, chase payment, get paid, made easy.

Late payment is an epidemic in the UK.
Research has shown that £50 billion is overdue to small and medium sized
businesses at anytime and will only get worse in the current climate.

Many businesses don`t know the best way to collect in their overdue debts
and let`s be honest who enjoys chasing for payments?

Well luckily we do!
In fact for the last 11 years we have been doing just that
and been very successful at it.

We`ve worked for over 1200 businesses and collected in over £350 million.
The process used, designed by Glen Morgan a Fellow of the chartered
institute of Credit Management, has been so effective it has led to us working for several major banks and some of the largest accountancy firms in the UK.

Glen has partnered with Jonny Wingrove, a marketing and design
expert, to automate this process and develop a world class solution both
Together we have built the itsettled app, to provide businesses with a fully
automated and legally compliant collections process for a fraction
of the cost of employing someone.
It can be intergrated into your accounts software
or used as a stand alone system.
Our vision is to ensure that every business in the UK has the tools to chase their
debts and get paid on time, whilst maintaining a positive relationship
with their valued customers.
Chasing Payment, Getting Paid, Made Easy.
Get itsettled!

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