Yasmin Desai (The Startup Girl)

Thestartupgirl.co.uk is a blog dedicated to topics on entrepreneurship, tech and startups. I blog about my views on entrepreneurship, start-up lifestyle, anything & everything in between. The StartupGirl is run by Yasmin Desai, who has worked in tech startups for 4 years. Her entrepreneurial journey began whilst in uni where she was awarded a £2000 grant to start a business (which was a student magazine). Having worked for 2 small start ups (part time) during uni and running a coworking space, she went straight into an ed-tech startup upon graduating. Her most recent role was at Catapult (funded by Global Founders Capital) where she was the 2nd employee to join (at a team of just 7).
Website: thestartupgirl.co.uk