Jamie Tuffield

Jamie entered the Employee Benefits industry managing small SME company policies, predominantly in company Healthcare, at award winning specialist intermediary advo group. Over time he has worked extensively with a wide range of company industries and sizes, from worldwide leading companies to SME firms, assisting in the development of company employee benefit packages. He has extensive experience in the development, delivery and monitoring of wellbeing initiatives tailored to individual client need.

He now manages the team of Employee Benefits account managers, supporting them in the management and delivery of wellbeing across the advo client base.

Making your mind up – Implementing wellbeing to drive employee engagement

Employee wellbeing has been an important topic for businesses and HR professional over the past few years. But how can this be implemented effectively? Also, how can a small business use wellbeing when time and resources are tight? The seminar will run through simple steps in implementing wellbeing initiatives, tailored to business size and budgets, to help drive employee engagement, retention and recruitment.