Will Hodson

Will is the co-founder of Look After My Bills. Look After My Bills is Britain’s biggest autoswitching company, with almost 100,000 members being moved to cheaper energy every year automatically. The same team built the Big Deal, one of Britain’s first collective switching companies. The Big Deal amassed 400,000 members and used that collective bargain power to negotiate cheaper energy en masse. Prior to the Big Deal, Will worked for Deloitte and Ethical Consumer.


Future of capitalism: everyone on the best deal always

People get ripped off on their bills. According to government and economists, competition would see people switch every year to the best deal. In reality, this relies on us being savings-obsessed, rational consumers. But we are not. So Look After My Bills plays that role for you, switching on your behalf every year, automatically. This is how to save competitive markets – and put millions back in the public’s pocket.