Trevor Spink

Trevor has been building websites for 22 years starting right at the emergence of the internet in the UK in 1995. Trevor has helped a huge range of diverse clients in almost every business sector imaginable. He also has valuable experience of where things have gone wrong and common pitfalls.

Trevor works with clients to determine the real needs of the business, delving deeply in the business to understand where the opportunities for growth lie, brainstorming target customers and new markets, reviewing competitors and how to differentiate and plotting a strategy for success.

As well as his business credentials Trevor is also an experienced software architect, having designed his own web CMS platform that is a real alternative to Wordpress and its many flaws. He has developed many bespoke online applications, delivered projects on a wide range of technologies and integrated with a whole host of 3rd party systems.

Achieve website success – 10 steps to getting results online

Trevor has 22 years of experience working with hundreds of clients on websites and online marketing. In this seminar Trevor will share the 10 key steps to understanding what will make your project deliver the results you need to make your business thrive. You will leave the seminar with some valuable and insightful ideas that are sure to help your business get success online.

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