Tim Rawlins

Tim Rawlins is a Director and Senior Advisor at NCC Group, the independent, global, cyber security and risk mitigation company. He was previously the Global Head (Rest of World) of Corporate Security at Credit Suisse, leading an international team of senior security, intelligence, and health and safety specialists. Before Credit Suisse, Tim was the first Operations Director at ''The O2'' in London, overseeing Security, Transport and Logistics; and the first Security Director EMEA for Turner Broadcasting. Tim started his career working in a variety of British government security and intelligence roles, he has over 30 years'' experience of leadership in global security, risk and crisis programmes.

Tim is a member of the Risk and Security Management Forum (RSMF) and sits on the Consultative Board of the Cross-sector Safety & Security Communications (CSSC) hub; a partnership between British law enforcement agencies, local and national government organisations and private sector businesses. He regularly presents on complex security and risk topics at national and international Board level meetings and conferences.

Cyber Protection: The Cyber Crime Threat: Is Your Business Running A Risk?

This seminar will share insights and expert advice around a growing cybercrime threat within the smaller business context. It will reveal the most common types of cybercrime activity committed against businesses, and offer invaluable practical advice to protect your business.

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