Peter Azu

Peter is F. Initiatives Managing Director. After 18 years as Tax Inspector at HMRC he has worked as a R&D Tax Specialst for a several companies, accumulating 19 years of experience in the R&D tax incentives sector. He also sits on the Governments R&D Consultative Committee where he regularly meets with representatives from the Government, HMRC, and other industry leaders to both discuss and shape R&D policy in the UK.

What Next for R&D Tax? How to Claim Post-Brexit

The UK’s R&D Tax relief scheme gives money back to innovative businesses – over £3.5 billion last year. In 2018 the Government announced changes to the amount employers can claim against their employee NICs – this, along with legislative changes made necessary by Brexit, will change who can claim tax relief and what for.

This presentation will outline what the changes mean for you and advise you how to claim this year.