Theo Kingshott

Theo is no stranger to start ups and has helped build several successful businesses from the ground up in the arts and hospitality. With ten years experience in Commercial Property, he has an innate understanding of the driving forces for success as well as the human dynamics of creating companies. He enjoys taking an honest but light-hearted approach to most things in life, including presentations!

Redefining Flexibility

Halkin will explore the life-span of new businesses, from Start Up to SME and beyond. We will reveal how the right space for your company can be one of it’s greatest assets for success. An insider’s look into the Flex-Space World, we will cover a range of topics to help set up any young business with a brighter future.


  • Brad Burton: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Brad Burton

    Your Success or failure is defined by your ability to make decisions. Want more success? Make better decisions.

  • Paul Dodgshon: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Paul Dodgshon

    The Exit Checklist – Five steps to a happy (and lucrative) exit from your business

  • Sukhi Wahiwala: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Sukhi Wahiwala

    Say Bye Bye to Procrastination

  • James Rothwell: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    James Rothwell

    Brexit: What happens next