Terry Cooper

Terry became a salesman at the age of 19 and throughout his business career has remained “passionate” about sales. He spent 34 years in the corporate world in the print industry the last 10 years on the main board of a multi-national PLC. After a brief flirtation with “retirement” he started his own sales consultancy business Cooper Bradbury Associates and then became involved with an emerging networking company and 10 years on he is Chairman of 4Networking. By his own admission these last 10 years have been the most “fun” he has had in his career to date and he has no plans to repeat the “retirement” experience any time soon!

The Secret of Success in Sales

This energetic seminar will help you to understand the sales process better and encourage you to sell more. Terry has shared his knowledge in this fun presentation with many audiences through keynote speeches and seminars using his real life experiences from the world of Selling.

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