Tara Love Perry

Tara Love Perry is an author, Master Soul Reader and consciousness teacher. She is a naturally gifted intuitive energy worker with a high level spectrum of extra-sensory abilities that allow her to see, hear, feel, communicate & empathise with ranges of energy from your cells and DNA to your soul and eternal Spirit. Due to her unusual upbringing and near-death experience in utero, she has a life-time of experience in spirituality, healing and helping people fulfil their potential.

Tara’s talks, trainings, 1:1 sessions and workshops have currently taken her to 10 countries over 4 continents, with many thousands of souls, including spiritual leaders, political leaders, corporate leaders, coaches, authors, CEO''s and artists benefiting from her unique methods and engaging delivery.

She''s known as the UK''s leading Self-Love expert and is pioneering the way for a global shift in perception.


In the current climate of wellbeing awareness in the workplace presenting unprecedented levels of mental and emotional health issues such as overwhelm, anxiety, PTSD, depression, lack of personal fulfilment, and more, there’s an urgent need for new solutions. Self love is a powerful and deeply impactful movement that’s sweeping the globe. Tara Love Perry is a rising star and leader in this field with proven, pioneering and profoundly impactful methods that meet the needs for personal and professional wellness across the spectrum. For a new paradigm in your business, discover more about how self love can save and transform lives. Learn about the 7 step method that changing tens of thousands of lives around the world! Plus, receive a souvenir Gift when you attend this talk!


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