Susie Al-Qassab

As a partner in employment law at Hodge Jones & Allen, Susie has over 10 years’ experience advising businesses and individuals on employment issues and disputes.

She is a pragmatic and plain-speaking solicitor, working closely with HR and business managers to provide timely, commercial advice on everything from drafting contracts and policies, assisting with internal disputes through advice and training, to defending claims and enforcement of contractual obligations in order to protect your business.

Hodge Jones & Allen is not your typical city law firm. It has an ethos and commitment to its original founding values of fighting injustice, righting wrongs and being an ethical employer. It is a forward thinking, award-winning firm pledged to working with businesses with a similar ethos and outlook.

How good are your employment contracts?

Contracts are the foundation for a strong and stable workforce, but are often neglected by businesses using generic and out of date templates. This seminar is about how to get more value out of contracts to protect your business, give you a legal basis to enforce expectations and also incentivise and motivate staff. Practical tips and examples guaranteed, no dry legalese!