Stuart Doignie

Stuart Doignie is the head of SME Banking for Starling Bank, prior to Starling, he undertook roles in risk and credit management at Barclaycard and was the Chief Risk Officer at Ezbob, a leader in the Lending-as-a-service market as Ezbob. Stuart helped pioneer the use of smart technology to provide new finance solutions for the small and medium-sized enterprises that are the lifeblood of the British economy. Stuart joined Starling in December 2018 in order to help the bank bring much needed change to the SME market.

The Future Of Small Business Banking

SME''s are the lifeblood of the UK economy and have been largely ignored and underserved by banks. Is this about to change? There have been some signals from the market that both established banks and new entrantswant to make positive changes to make business banking more accessible and competitive. How will this work with the huge reductions in High street branches? This seminar will cover how the banks and new entrants are expected to evolve over the next 5 years. How do we make sure SME''s come out the winners and are we likely to see a shift in dominance from the big 4?

Stuart Doignie will be speaking in the following theatres: