Sophie Wright, ACMA, GCMA

Sophie Wright is a CFO and the Founder of WrightCFO Ltd, a consultancy of part-time Finance Directors and CFOs for SMEs.
Originating from Canada, Sophie has a Bachelor of Arts, Accounting Technician Diploma (AAT) and Chartered Management Accountancy certificate (CIMA). She has 21 years’ experience across finance in the media industry, as well as retail, and wholesale industries, in both London and New York.
She founded WrightCFO in 2014 following her ‘light bulb moment’. She noticed that SMEs could not afford a full time FD, but were crying out for one. She realised an outsourced part-time FD, to be used in bite-sized chunks could bring enormous value to these small businesses and was now affordable in this format. Her consultancy has grown from strength to strength, adding more FD consultants each year.
Sophie has been appointed as a Trusted Advisor for the “Couplepreneurs” community, as well as a Business Advisor at Lady Eleanor Holles School during their “Business Games”, has sat on the CIMA funding panel of Big Data Research and is a CIMA Pioneer for Global Management Accounting Principles. Sophie has spoken at several Entrepreneurs Conferences both as a panellist and a workshop facilitator.

Show Me the Money! How to Gain Control of your Business Finances

In this seminar, Sophie will demonstrate how to truly have control of your business finances and achieve the financial visibility that you need to run a business successfully.

You will come away with practical tips you can apply within your business today with immediate results. The aim is to increase profitability, improve the cash position in your bank account and improve the long term success of your business.


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