Simon Jacobson

Simon is a seasoned and passionate Marketer with over 10 years obsession across all corners of the industry. With his experience running Search Advertising programmes on the advertiser-side, agency-side and bid-technology provider side of the industry, Simon currently works as a Sales lead at Microsoft Search Advertising, promoting the benefits of the ever-growing Bing Network to ambitious Small businesses across the UK.

Simon Jacobson

Artificial Intelligence is more than just today’s buzzword – it is an important topic that is set to transform individual lives and businesses for years to come. There is understandably a mix of fear and apprehension for what AI can achieve in the future. Microsoft believes that the goal of AI is to amplify human ingenuity with intelligent technology. Join Simon Jacobson, SMB Lead for Microsoft Search Advertising in the UK to lift the lid on AI, and how it is set to transform Marketing.

Simon Jacobson will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote 2 - Wednesday 13.15 - 13.45: Why Marketers Should Care About AI


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