Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin has built 10 different millionaire businesses by the age of 27. He has been featured in Forbes magazine as the digital trendsetter of the year and UK’s leading number 1 internet marketer. He is the trusted advisor in the online marketplace since 2009. His main lesson he likes to share is “success attracts success. ”

Now he is on a mission now to create a revolution on how people achieve financial freedom by teaching the business and marketing principles via

Join his mission to become the next success story of creating internet wealth online as your first step towards financial freedom.

Digital IMarketing Kickstarter

A free 30 minute session designed to give you a crash course on how to create digital income using everyday technology. Wealth academy teaches you how to start your business, sell your products and services so you can scale your income. Join the seminar to learn from Wealth Academy’s CEO and watch him teach main business and marketing principles for generating an online income.

Shaqir Hussyin will be speaking in the following theatres:


  • Companies House: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Companies House

    Know your responsibilities in running a limited company in the UK

  • Brad Burton: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Brad Burton

    he UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker is BACK!

  • Roger Brown: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    Roger Brown

    How Invoice Finance and Asset Based Lending assist MBOs and acquisitions

  • David English: Speaking at The Business Startup Show

    David English

    Government -backed funding and support for your start up business