Simon Newman & Conor Kennedy

Simon Newman and Conor Kennedy are barristers practising from 33 Bedford Row Barristers Chambers.

They have wide ranging civil-commercial practices encompassing the full range of business disputes; and have experience representing companies in a wide range of courts and tribunals, and advising and negotiating on behalf of their clients.

Simon’s practice substantially focuses on contractual disputes; and insolvency where he utilises various insolvency mechanisms as tools to enforce debts owed and to resist disputed claims/petitions as well as defending Liquidator’s claims.

Conor’s practice focuses on a range of business disputes, particularly in the partnership context; and he has significant expertise in the employment field.
They are joined at the Business Show by a number of their fellow barristers from 33 Bedford Row Barristers’ Chambers all of whom offer wide ranging expertise and many years’ experience representing SMEs.

Enforcing your business debts & protecting yourself from Claims

A seminar explaining how and when businesses can utilise the skills of barristers directly on a cost-efficient basis.
The seminar will focus on mechanisms that can be employed to enforce debts owed to businesses, with a particular focusing on utilising insolvency mechanisms in a strategic manner to ensure debtors pay sums due, together with a complimentary information about protecting your business from claims.

Simon Newman & Conor Kennedy will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 3 - Wednesday 16.15 - 16.45: Enforcing your business debts & protecting yourself from Claims