James Lanas

Founder and inventor of TeamPlayerHR, the only Internet HR technology for staffing/recruiting-hiring solution that rates participants for compatibility. As a result, one can make informed hiring decisions that can result in long-term retention and reduce staff turnover.

In the last 25 years, Jim Lanas has been successful in the development, implementation and management of fiscal planning, recruitment strategies for the workforce at global, regional and local levels. His innovative programs have involved collaborative partnerships between health care providers, SME’s, multi-key stakeholders sectors and educational institutions.

Jim has co-authored numerous empirical studies for various business sectors conducted needs assessment and providing recommendations. These studies have also examined job preferences for newly qualified graduates. He has an excellent understanding of what the newer generation workforces want, need and has been highly successful in connecting the ‘right job seekers’ to the ‘right employer’ in a costly and time effective manner.

The Missing Element in the Team Player World

The missing ingredient of information to rank the potential matches, removing chance from decision-making and creating the most favourable right team participants in your organisation!

What combination of process elements is best when selecting a potential candidate for a vacant or new position? Currently, two elements are routinely employed: technology to source the talent pool, and information management to organise the data available from the CV, psychometric testing, and interview.

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