Helen Ross

Helen is inventor of the revolutionary HRP WING® saddle pad and her unique product has revolutionised a global industry.

Helen’s life long passion for horses began at a young age and she spent hours studying their behavior and riding; entering competitions as a child. Her enthusiasm for the equestrian world as a child didn’t dissipate and she went to University as a mature student to study, Equine Science.

Helen’s ‘light bulb’ moment occurred when she realised one day whilst riding her horse that It appeared to be in discomfort and was unable to stride as quickly as before and realized in this moment that she had identified a gap in the market for a pressure and pain free pad to aid the horse’s comfort. No such product existed and ordinary pads were causing evident pain and anxiety to the animal.

HRP Equestrian was founded in 2014, launching with the HRP WING® saddle.

The mumpreneur who took an entire industry by storm

Helen will discuss her journey from inventing a range of products, creating a company and the process to winning an International Innovation award for her WING saddle pad, all whilst singlehandedly raising her two young Sons and taking an entire industry by storm. Including what she has learned along the way.
Helen can draw on a wealth of knowledge from discussing how she took her product from concept, prototype, scientific testing, manufacture, International export, creating the marketing, website and social media herself whilst juggling patent protection and school runs. Helen can answer any questions to help budding entrepreneurs/mumpreneurs.

Helen Ross will be speaking in the following theatres:

KeyNote Theatre 1 - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: The mumpreneur who took an entire industry by storm


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