Andy Keen

Andy offers personal wealth management advice to individuals and businesses. He works with clients to provide, coaching, guidance and advice in order to put in place a plan to help achieve their future financial aspirations.

Andy has worked in the wealth management industry for twelve years advising high net worth clients. Prior to this, he served as an Army officer for five years. He holds an Economics degree, an MBA and is a qualified Chartered financial planner. Work aside, he enjoys travel, hill walking (preferably with a dog) and being at the beach kite-surfing.

Andy is dedicated to giving clear, honest advice and providing exceptional ongoing support to ensure that one’s plan remains on track despite life’s twists and turns.

Personal finance; thoughts & top tips

Chartered financial planner Andy will provide beneficial top tips for your personal finances. Starting by covering the common-sense basics yet often over looked then progressing to help demystify some important financial concepts.

Topics covered will be; the importance of NOT losing money, ‘the eighth wonder of the world’, investment risk, some options for saving and investing towards retirement and how to start thinking about planning to achieve ‘financial freedom’.

Andy Keen will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 6 - Wednesday 13.15 - 13.45: Personal finance; thoughts & top tips